Daily Archives: October 20, 2016


Before I hit the sack, I just want to let you know that I’ve reflected a lot on the job the team did today. Nothing short of fantastic. We are involved in something very ambitious, in its own way bigger and more athletic than anything we’ve attempted in quite a while. I saw discipline, creativity, and a group of people focused on problem-solving. I’m not only proud of the attitude, I’m proud of the results.

Those of you with notepads, please know that you have my particular thanks. You have no idea how much that’s going to pay off. We assigned a number of scene change activities. We’re gonna try and hold to those, and keep in mind that they’re only in pencil. With the addition of costumes, we’ll get another layer of complexity. So, if there are changes that come, and I suspect some will, not only will we be able to roll with the punches, but I suspect that you will be able to help each other if one person ends up swapping the occasional assignment with someone else.

We also have several promising sound engineers with whom we’ve been in contact, and I’m extremely optimistic about them and our ability to stay on the schedule as planned.

Please know that I’m extremely proud of you, and I have every confidence in our ability to make all of the hard work pay off. Keep focusing on the doughnut, and it will. In the meantime, if there is anything I can do to help you be your best, it’s not only my job, it’s my pleasure. Often during closing night speeches, I’ll say something sappy about you guys being my family. Sappy doesn’t mean it’s untrue. You’re creating not only great memories for yourself, but for me.

Thank you, and if you’re awake right now, go to bed!

Mr. McCray