Stage Availability for August 9-25

The lighting installation starts today (Monday, August 8) and will be finished on Thursday, August 11, according to maintenance.

I am finishing up the staircase for the sorority house today.  That is the last big piece of scenery to be constructed.  Scenery pieces are in rough form for a reason.  We need to start moving them around to see how to best use them.  Then, I can start painting and decorating them.  The big revolve is clamped together, if you would like to pull it out from behind the drapes and start using it.  I will take a picture of how the sorority house should be set up and label the sides of the revolve.

Starting tomorrow (Tuesday), the stage is free from scenery construction until August 29.  I am leaving on Wednesday for Ireland for a nine day trip with my five brothers and sister to see where my father’s family came from before immigrating to the United States.  I will not have cell phone contact.  I have several commitments after my return, so I will not be back at Webb until August 29.  When I get back, there will be several days of painting scenery.  I will need volunteers for that!  I will be ready to help supervise any scene changes.  It will be a lot of fun!!

That being said, bottom line, the stage is completely free for any choreography for the rest of August!  All of the heavy duty construction is finished and cleaned up, ready for your dance rehearsals.

See you at the end of the month!

Liz Stowers



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