Scenery Help!

If anyone is available for some light scenery duty, like painting and taping, it would REALLY help get the scenery ready for rehearsals next week.  I have been building for the last three weeks and some big things are ready to put into place that I cannot pick up by myself.

I will be there tomorrow (Tuesday) from 1-5 PM and Wednesday from 1-5 PM.  If you can drop in any time during those two time periods to help, that would really move things forward.  You absolutely do not need to stay for long.  Thirty minutes or an hour or so is great!!  Please be dressed to work, i.e. no flip-flops.  We don’t need you with a broken ankle before rehearsals start.

Thank you so much.  I am excited about have the big pieces of scenery ready for rehearsals!!

Ms Stowers


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