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We will continue our rehearsals next week for Legally Blonde. If you put on your information sheet that you are available beginning August 1, then we are looking for you to be there. This show is a big one and you will be what makes it great.

If your original conflicts have changed, please let Ms. Johnson or Mr. McCray know before our first rehearsal.

Wednesday – Friday (August 3-5) 11:00-3:00pm
Saturday, (August 6) 11:00-3:00pm
Sunday, (August 7) 1:00-5:00pm

Bring water and a snack if you need it. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

Mr. Ewing is working out of town in a new position, so our time with him is limited. Please plan to be at rehearsals.

Thank you!

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Scenery Work Canceled!!

Unfortunately, lack of communication will prevent us from scenery work this week. Glee Club summer camp is on stage all this week.  I will try to find another pocket of time to get this done!  Thank you for understanding!!!

Ms. Stowers

Scenery Help!

If anyone is available for some light scenery duty, like painting and taping, it would REALLY help get the scenery ready for rehearsals next week.  I have been building for the last three weeks and some big things are ready to put into place that I cannot pick up by myself.

I will be there tomorrow (Tuesday) from 1-5 PM and Wednesday from 1-5 PM.  If you can drop in any time during those two time periods to help, that would really move things forward.  You absolutely do not need to stay for long.  Thirty minutes or an hour or so is great!!  Please be dressed to work, i.e. no flip-flops.  We don’t need you with a broken ankle before rehearsals start.

Thank you so much.  I am excited about have the big pieces of scenery ready for rehearsals!!

Ms Stowers


Ms Johnson very much needs help painting. If you might be available, would you please contact her?



LEGALLY BLONDE is only $7.99 on iTunes for a limited time only. Just sayin’.


Legally Blonde Celebrates 15 years

This was in the LA Times today! Reese Witherspoon will give instructions on the Bend and Snap!

Looking forward to working on the show. Thanks to all who attended the choreography sessions so far. This is a big show!! You will be moving lots of scenery and building the set around you.  So exciting!!


Next weeks choreography will be Wednesday and Friday 11:00-2:00 in the Bishop Center.


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