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Update. You’re responsible for knowing the contents. Thanks!

This week, we need to divide time as evenly between shows as possible.

*To do that, we are going to do a non-tech run of MFE on Saturday before tech (@12pm).

*MFE will do non-speed reads on Monday and Thursday.

*MFE will have the full stage on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday prior to their tech.

*Fiasco will have the stage on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. They’ll work in the green room on other days.

*On Monday, we finalize revised Fiasco stories and character details… Run what we can. On Tuesday, we finalize narration and character objectives… Run what we can. On Thursday, we run again based on those.

*The tech schedule is still the same except for the MFE rehearsal on Saturday.

*MFE cast members are strongly encouraged to come by on an available free period to table the script. I think I have spent the least time with Noah, Lauren, and Corey, so I’d love to catch up with them very soon.

*What’s the progress with the poster? See me!

*Call for Saturday is MFE. cast 11:30, go for run at 12pm, MFE crew at 2:30, go for tech at 3, small meal at 4, continue at 4:30 until finished.

*Call for Sunday is Fiasco cast and crew at 1pm. Go at 2:00 until finished.

*NEXT M-F — MFE cast/crew eats and gets into hair 3:35-6. Go at 6. FIASCO has stage until 6 those days.

*Performance days… Call is at 6. House open is at 7. Go at 7:30. Theatre will probably be open before 6 or by request.





My telescope has gone missing between one of my many moves. Does anyone have one of any kind of size that we might be able to borrow, please?


Revised Calendar!

Man from Earth & Fiasco Calendar2.pdf