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IMPORTANT! Tweaking the calendar

A couple days ago, I had discussed refining the rehearsal calendar for the MFE cast. I’ll still be working with Noah today, but I’d like to call everyone in on Friday.

If you’ve made vital plans for that day, thinking you’d be off, I’ll work with you.

I’ve been working on some ideas regarding the show, and I need to powwow with the actors as soon as possible.

It’s a bit of a change of schedule, but I think the results will be worth it. Stop by for details.



For parents…

TL;DR… We could really use a parent support organizer.

Fuller version:

Hello! The shows are coming along very well. As always, the actors are a hardworking delight.

Looking ahead, the production phase will be upon us. That’s when we need parental help the most. In the past, industrious parents provided the organization of the extras associated with the shows. No one parent did all of the below, but they coordinated the efforts of those who did. These extras included…

Prop help.
Green room ‘den parenting.’
Snack stocking.
Program typesetting and printing.
T-shirt organization and ordering.
Poster printing.
Poster signing and mounting for the cast and crew.
Point contact for archival recording.
Meal coordinator
House management

The parental support organizer fields help offers from interested parents, manages the Webb drama parent account, and collects the money from families. They don’t do the above jobs! They just network with those who are interested.

The above extras began and remain true “extras,” made possible by the organizational involvement of great parents. If you have the time and interest, please know that they make a huge difference in the life of the show, and they give you a great opportunity to be involved with the actors at a time when they may be scarce. It is tremendously appreciated by everyone.

Interest? Questions? Please contact me at 865-310-8668.

Thank you for everything that you do, and for supporting such fantastic performers!

Patrick McCray

If you’re available…

I would like to rehearse over Skype tomorrow. The same hours as Sunday. Find me at artanis9000 tomorrow. 1-3 for MFE and 3-6 for Fiasco.

Again, if you’re available.


Van Gogh a Go Go


Nuff said!

Friday rehearsal is canceled.

Feeling a bit under the weather. Apologies.


Calendar as of 1/7/16

Man from Earth & Fiasco Calendar copy.pdf

Fiasco Meeting

If you’re in Fiasco and can stop by the drama lab during lunch for a minute (or more… there are boxes in the lobby), that would be great. Thanks!

Coming up….


Finishing the calendar here with some help from Mary. Any Man From Earth cast members who have major conflicts, please let me know. Before that, though, see if there is any way they may be rescheduled to days when we are not rehearsing. Rehearsal time is precious!

We’ll hammer out particulars tomorrow. Thanks for everything. If I may help, please contact me!

Mr. McCray

Schedule update

Still working on fine points.

What you can bank on…

MFE is Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.

FIASCO is Sunday-Friday.

Both are 4-6:30 for weekdays.

MFE is 1-3 on Sundays. FIASCO is 3-6 on Sundays.

For now, both full casts are called for each of their rehearsals. We rehearse on any day that is not a school holiday, prior to tech.