Thanks to everyone who auditioned. Great shows, and marvelous future talent as well. I hope everyone keeps auditioning here and/or in college and future theaters.


Support/Multiple Characters: Hannah

Understudies/Support/Movers: Nicole and Elizabeth
John: Noah
Sandy: Laila
Harry: Jackson
Dan: Madeline
Edith: Lauren
Art: Corey
Linda: Gwen
Gruber: Erin

IMPORTANT: Man from Earth scripts may be found on Amazon for Kindle and in print. I would like that cast to do what they can to be familiar-with-the-play to off-book. Remember, you work hard during the year and this is a VACATION. Also, though, we rehearse three days a week, only.

FIASCO will rehearse M-F from 4-6:30 and Sunday 3-6.
MAN FROM EARTH will rehearse M, W, F 4-6:30 and Sunday 1-3.

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