Daily Archives: November 3, 2015

Thank you!

Just wanted to thank you for the signed poster and the monogrammed cup. I love them both! I have especially enjoyed working with such a talented and hard-working group of students. You had an amazing show that will be talked about for weeks to come! Love to all…. and "on with the show!"

Ms. Johnson



Great job last night! I am incredibly proud of the work and effortless wit shown over the past week. Really extraordinary!

Please come by the booth and review your costume. Make sure all pieces have been retrieved and with your other costume components. DeWayne will be by any time now, and you’ll want to ensure that everything is accounted for and in place. Also, the costume room could use some sincere love. It’s… um… showing the wear and tear of the show.

If you organize a strike team, you’ll be showing compassion, ownership, and leadership. If you need help, let me know!