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Because some people weren’t aware…

There is more audition information on my door in the theater lobby as well as sign-ups for next week’s FIASCO tryouts.


Fiasco Tutorial

Hello. I have someone interested in a fiasco tutorial today, and they need someone to accompany them. Interested? Let me know.

We are still looking to fill those audition slots. If we don’t fill them, obviously, we don’t do the show. The net result of that is that four very good parts are going to go unfilled. That means that the pool of available parts in the spring will be limited to five men and three women in a competitive audition.


If we pull this off, this may create a model that allows us to do small, intense shows as well as things like Fiasco in the future. This expands and matures our show choices tremendously. And larger shows are always a possibility as well.

So that I can plan properly, please let me know today (if it all possible) if you’re planning on auditioning for Fiasco. Thanks!



Fiasco Unbound!

Reminder! FIASCO auditions begin next week. Sign ups are on my door.

If anyone is interested, my dance card is free tomorrow. If you can round up one other person, I can teach a Fiasco tutorial for you to instruct you about the game. I would need a group between two and five players.

I am here starting at eight in the morning. Last tutorial opportunity is at 2:00pm. (The game rums 2.5-3 hours or so.)

If you’re interested respond to charltonx or call/text at 865-310-8668. Please have a time in mind and at least one other player.

Thank you!

Just wanted to thank you for the signed poster and the monogrammed cup. I love them both! I have especially enjoyed working with such a talented and hard-working group of students. You had an amazing show that will be talked about for weeks to come! Love to all…. and "on with the show!"

Ms. Johnson


Great job last night! I am incredibly proud of the work and effortless wit shown over the past week. Really extraordinary!

Please come by the booth and review your costume. Make sure all pieces have been retrieved and with your other costume components. DeWayne will be by any time now, and you’ll want to ensure that everything is accounted for and in place. Also, the costume room could use some sincere love. It’s… um… showing the wear and tear of the show.

If you organize a strike team, you’ll be showing compassion, ownership, and leadership. If you need help, let me know!


More info is on my office door, as is the Fiasco sign-up. Thanks! Ask any questions you like.
man from earth fiasco audition form.pdf

Fiasco Rules and sample scenario

These may be helpful.

If they are not in a scenario playlet, I will provide the Tilt and Aftermath tables, so the ones in the books need not be consulted.

Fiasco Rules .pdf

Attack of the 50ft Fiasco-2.pdf


The theater should be open by four. The official call time is 5:30 for crew and actors.