Tech Weekend Call Times

Good afternoon! Things are looking great, and we are into the homestretch. Tech weekend’s schedule is:

Crew — 10:30am
Cast — 1:00pm

Dismissal is TBD. I’ll try to send updates as we wind down so that families can plan.

Generally, we get out sometime between 6-8.

Cast and Crew — 12:00pm

We have costume fittings at noon. After that, a run. We should be out by 5:00, if not well before.

Monday-Friday, call is right after school. Eat fine meals. Work on homework. Get into costume and makeup. Run warmups. But for your safety and our sanity, stay on campus in the Bishop Center area!

Dress rehearsal performances runs start at 6:30.

This allows the orchestra members time to come from their day jobs and activities to here.

With a running time of 2 hours, that has us bowing at 8:30. Be good to costumes and skeddadle!

Parents… Feel free to come to any dress rehearsals. We love the audience and feedback!

If I can help in any way, write back or call/text me at 865-310-8668.


Patrick McCray


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