Please review this schedule carefully and let us know if you cannot be at any of these last rehearsals for choreography:

Friday, October 16th – X – Dirty Old Man – Mary and Jackson

Friday afternoon after school – 3:45
Everybody Ought to Have a Maid – Erin, Braxton, Jackson, JR
Calm – Jackson
Lovely Reprise – Jackson, Braxton
Pretty Little Picture – Braxton

Saturday, October 17th – 10:00 – finish (no later than 3:00)
        10:00-12:00 – House of Madame Lycus – all courtesans, Joseph and Jake, Erin, Braxton, JR, Jackson
        12-1:00 – Everybody Ought to Have A Maid (Encores 1 and 2)
        1:00-3:00 – Funeral Sequence

Sunday, October 18th – 2:00-6:00 – Everyone is called

Tuesday, October 20th – X Cameron and Olivia – Tha’ll Show Him
Wednesday, October 21th – X Cameron and JR – Impossible

Please refer to the original schedule for after school rehearsals and final dress week.

Thank you!



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