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Upcoming Auditions

Bijou Awards – Jay would love to hold auditions if we have 10 people auditioning, otherwise, please refer to the Bijou Awards website for audition requirements and information. Let me know if you would like to have auditions available at Webb. There are solo singing and acting categories, so I highly encourage singers and actors. We’ve had winners from Webb for the past couple of years.

Governors School – Applications are due soon. Please see Barb Arnold for application information and I will be more than happy to write a recommendation for you. There are so many categories available – ask Erin Wallace, Jackson Mullins, and Cameron Overholt about their experiences. This is a great opportunity!

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Please review this schedule carefully and let us know if you cannot be at any of these last rehearsals for choreography:

Friday, October 16th – X – Dirty Old Man – Mary and Jackson

Friday afternoon after school – 3:45
Everybody Ought to Have a Maid – Erin, Braxton, Jackson, JR
Calm – Jackson
Lovely Reprise – Jackson, Braxton
Pretty Little Picture – Braxton

Saturday, October 17th – 10:00 – finish (no later than 3:00)
        10:00-12:00 – House of Madame Lycus – all courtesans, Joseph and Jake, Erin, Braxton, JR, Jackson
        12-1:00 – Everybody Ought to Have A Maid (Encores 1 and 2)
        1:00-3:00 – Funeral Sequence

Sunday, October 18th – 2:00-6:00 – Everyone is called

Tuesday, October 20th – X Cameron and Olivia – Tha’ll Show Him
Wednesday, October 21th – X Cameron and JR – Impossible

Please refer to the original schedule for after school rehearsals and final dress week.

Thank you!