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Act 2 begins! We should be bowing in 30 minutes or so.



Been thinking a lot about the work tonight. The focus and energy were through the roof. We came far tonight. I’m really proud of what you’re creating. See you tomorrow!


curtain call is on now!

we’re out!

Act 2 beginning NOW

Thanks! (Again, intricate orchestra work in progress…)

Reminder! Notes!

4:15 in the Bishop Center. Thanks!

We’re out!

9:12… just a tad later than expected. Thank you for your patience. I can’t imagine having one ever run this late. The orchestra did a lot of work over some complicated ground.

7:00pm go

We just started tonight’s performance-rehearsal. This is the first night with the full orchestra. If you’ve seen Webb shows in the past, you know what an exciting prospect this is. Some very precise preparation and practice with them was needed prior to the run, and we nailed it. However, that means that the show is running later than expected. Just wanted to give you a heads-up as to the delay and reason behind it. Feel free to come watch any time! The show runs a bit over two hours. When it’s done, they’ll be released to change into civvies and get on the road. Thanks!

Act 2 beginning.

It’s 655, and act two is beginning. That runs about a half hour. Just to give you a sense of when we should be out. Thanks!



Just a reminder that the call time tomorrow is 4:15 at the latest, and that go is between five and 5:15.

Great stuff! Thank you for everything.

Notes and such.

Great work yesterday! Today, we have the opportunity to push it forward. Alongside that, the following people should come to me for notes when they have a moment of downtime. If your name is not on this list, but you would like feedback on yesterday as well, please come see me, too. Thank you!