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Sandal Would

Here is the list of footwear needed for the show. Due to health concerns, we ask actors to provide their own. If you have questions or concerns, please see me. Whatever the footwear, it needs to securely fit/grip the foot. ‚ÄúSandal” does not mean “flip-flop” in this case!

pseud/hysterium – black sandals

senex – gold or brown sandals

domina – gold sandals

hero – gold sandals

lycus – gaudy glitterie sandals PINK is her base color

tintinnabuala – none or beige sandals

panaccea – same as tint

gemini twins – gold sandals

vibrata – same as tint
gymnasia – ????

philia – white or gold sandals

erronius – brown sandals

miles – brown sandals

courtesans – same as tint

proteans – same footwear sandals

company – brown or beige