Daily Archives: September 27, 2015


Here are the choreography dates. Please look carefully and let Ms. Johnson know if you cannot attend your scheduled rehearsal.

Wednesday, September 30th – X (10:50am) – Lovely – Hero/Philia
Friday, October 2nd – B (10:00am)- Everybody Ought to Have A Maid – soloists only
2nd AP (12:45) and C (1:10) – Lovely Reprise
Sunday October 4th- 2:00-5:00 – Bring Me My Bride/Funeral
Monday, October 5th ñ 2nd AP (12:45) and D (1:10) – Love I Hear – Hero
Wednesday, October 7th – -E (10:00) – Dirty Old Man
X (10:50) – Impossible
Thursday, October 8th – X (10:50) – That’ll Show Him
Friday, October 16th – X (10:50) – I’m Calm
Saturday, October 17th – 10:00 – finish – choreography
Free/Pretty Little Picture/House of Madame Lycus/Everbody Ought to Have A Maid(Encores 1&2)/
Comedy Tonight/Finale/Any other unfinished review
Sunday, October 18th – 2:00-5:00 – choreography – finish/review


Last Calendar

Here is the final calendar for the run of the show. Please look over the schedule and plan accordingly. Starting this week, everyone should be at all practices as we start to put the show together. If you have to miss a rehearsal, please communicate that with Ms. Johnson and Mr. McCray.

Thank you!