Daily Archives: September 3, 2015

The 9th

Hello! On the 9th, we’ll need the full cast at rehearsal. We’re finishing blocking, and measurements need to be taken for certain costumes. Thank you!

Attn: cast members… and then, there’s the poster!

We are also looking for anyone who might want to take a crack at the poster.

If you enjoy art and digital imaging, you may have a burning desire to help create the poster that will hang in homes and hallways for decades to come.

Interested? Have skill/experience with Photoshop or Pixelmator? Let me (Mr. McCray) know before the long weekend starts!


Prop Help?

Things on the show are going well! One place where we could use parental/adult help is in the area of props. We can pull a number of them from stock, but an adult or two to help beyond that would be terrific. And it’s a lot of fun! (No, really!)

If you have an interest in any kind of arts or crafts….

If you have the time and ability to run to Joann’s or Target once or twice…

If you enjoy the safari of Internet shopping (and sending the links)…

If you have a golden heart…

This might be right for you. We pay for/reimburse everything. Please contact me if you have an interest at patrick_mccray@webbschool.org.

And thank you!