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Schedule for September

See the calendar attached for September rehearsals. This is a tentative schedule that may change as we move along, but for planning ahead, this is what we would like to happen.

We have a concern about attendance. Every person is crucial to the show. For the most part, bravo to everyone who is in perfect attendance – there are several of you. If you have to miss a rehearsal, you need to contact Ms. Johnson or Mr. McCray BEFORE rehearsal. Not contacting anyone is unacceptable.

Ms. Johnson – leanne_johnson (865-256-0357)

Mr. McCray – patrick_mccray

Thank you!

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Blocking Clarification

This supersedes anything on the calendar for the blocking days. Thanks!

Monday 31: End of “Impossible” through beginning of “That Dirty Old Man”

Wednesday 2nd: end of “Dirty Old Man” to end

Very slight blocking adjustments in new schedule.

Due to several scripts floating around, I am adjusting the blocking goals for the next couple of weeks. I hope this doesn’t cause trouble. If so, let me know, but if you can work around it, so much the better. Attached is the new schedule. THANK YOU!


Updated Calendar

Please see the updated calendar attached. All rehearsals begin at 4:00 and end at 6:00pm. Not everyone is called for each rehearsal. If you have any questions about music, contact Ms. Johnson and questions about blocking, contact Mr. McCray.

Thank you!

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No rehearsal today!

Also, there is no rehearsal today.

Free Stuff!

Tomorrow afternoon, I will be holding my annual Safari. That means, I’ll be cleaning out my office and classroom. As past generations can tell you, it’s actually pretty fun and the first two people who contact me to help inevitably walk away with books, DVDs, scripts, and other amazing items. What might you have? There’s only one way to find out. It would be after school. Also a good chance to give input on the upcoming season. The best of all possible worlds! Just shoot me an email at These opportunities actually fill up fast, so don’t wait!

Next week

Dear Musical students,

Just a reminder that our first rehearsal will be Tuesday after school. The script and score are located on eBackpack, but everything is expected to be deleted on Friday for the new year. I am attaching these for your convenience just in case. Please come to rehearsal with both script and score on your iPad. Paper copies will not be available.

We are practicing music and blocking the show through August, then Mr. Ewing will be coming in on Sundays and Mondays in September for choreography as we begin to put the show together.

Looking forward to seeing you all very soon!

Ms. Johnson



Musical Schedule

Forum Cast,

We are very excited to begin rehearsals for the upcoming musical. Please look at the attached calendar and make yourself available for each rehearsal that includes your character. We starting a little later this year, which should give you a little extra time to enjoy the last days of summer. We are beginning with music and blocking, then we will add choreography. All cast and chorus are required to be at all music rehearsals.

You should be familiar with dialogue and solos but in no way is it expected to be at performance ready for the first read-through/sing-through. Take advantage of internet materials, you tube, and recordings.

See you soon,
Patrick McCray, LeAnne Johnson, and Jean Helbig

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