23 May, 2015 08:56

A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Forum
(In order of appearance)

Pseudolus – Braxton Mcdonald​
Senex – J.R. Foy
Domina – Mary McGarr
Hero – Cameron Overholt
Hysterium – Jackson Mullins
Lycus – Erin Wallace
Tintinnabula – Laila Malik
Panacea – Imani Brian
The Geminae – Katherine Valliant/Gwyneth Dopplet
Vibrata – McKenna Sibold
Gymnasia – Maddy Wolfenbarger
Philia – Olivia da Ponte
Erronius – Peyton Austin
Miles Gloriosus – Corey Spurling

The Courtesans:
​Kendall Bruner
​Annie Samples
​Claire Kennedy

The Proteans:
​Lilli Schweitzer
​Whitney Flautt
​Lucy Keh
​Caroline Broady
​Alinda Horton
​Jake Yount
​Devyn Caissie
​Cooper Denning
​Joe Broady

Wailers, Civilians, Company:
​Casey Majors
​Maddy Knight
​Kate Kouns
​Lizzie Hethmon
​Georgia Pappano


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