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23 May, 2015 08:56

A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Forum
(In order of appearance)

Pseudolus – Braxton Mcdonald​
Senex – J.R. Foy
Domina – Mary McGarr
Hero – Cameron Overholt
Hysterium – Jackson Mullins
Lycus – Erin Wallace
Tintinnabula – Laila Malik
Panacea – Imani Brian
The Geminae – Katherine Valliant/Gwyneth Dopplet
Vibrata – McKenna Sibold
Gymnasia – Maddy Wolfenbarger
Philia – Olivia da Ponte
Erronius – Peyton Austin
Miles Gloriosus – Corey Spurling

The Courtesans:
​Kendall Bruner
​Annie Samples
​Claire Kennedy

The Proteans:
​Lilli Schweitzer
​Whitney Flautt
​Lucy Keh
​Caroline Broady
​Alinda Horton
​Jake Yount
​Devyn Caissie
​Cooper Denning
​Joe Broady

Wailers, Civilians, Company:
​Casey Majors
​Maddy Knight
​Kate Kouns
​Lizzie Hethmon
​Georgia Pappano


Parent meeting canceled


Please inform your parents that tomorrow’s musical parent meeting will be postponed until the start of the new school year. We will be in touch with a date for that meeting later in the summer.

Thank you,

Mrs. Helbig


Musical Callbacks

Wednesday, 11:30-1:00pm


Devyn Caissie

Jackson Mullins

Braxton McDonald

JR Foy

Jake Yount

Cameron Overholt

Cooper Denning


Mary McGarr

McKenna Sibold

Erin Wallace

Olivia da Ponte

Katherine Valliant

Gwyneth Doppelt

Maddy Wolfenbarger

If you are not called back, it may be that we already know what we would like you to play.


Anyone interested in acting a part from the show, please come to the chorus room one half hour after the last review session.