On Time

As we go on this final stretch, please be on time. I know that sounds obvious, but “on time” means that you’re seated in the theater in the front couple of rows quiet, and ready to go at the stated call time. That makes attendance very easy to take.

Even if you have told me that you will not be there for tag, email me again. Please send me your name, dates, and reason. I just want to have it for easy reference. Please put your name, the show that you’re in, and the word “absences” in the subject line.

If you are not on time, it means that people who have other jobs to do stop doing those other jobs so that they can find out where you are. Believe me, it is a colossal pain. A lot of things add up to “why are we doing anything right now?” It’s one of the most common questions during tech, and this is one of the answers. It all becomes an avalanche.

If you think there’s a chance that you will be late, and you already know now, let me know. I will coming get you. Or I will open up the theater as early as you need so that you will be safely here on time.

I know the sound like a bizarre lecture from out of the blue, but this is the lecture that people who are on time hear as I vent about people who are not on time. It’s just hugely important.

Patrick McCray


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