Call Times


Crew 10, CAINE cast 11

Go at 1 or before.

TOYL called at 3:30pm


TOYL cast/crew called at 12. Go is between 1-2. This may be a cue-to-cue.

CAINE called at 4pm


TOYL = Tuesday, Thursday
CAINE = Monday and Wednesday

Call for food is right after school in the alumni room. Go is at 5:30.

Call for cast and crew = 5:30pm
Stage ready for inspection, work lights off, and lockdown = 6:40 Senior Speeches = 6:20-6:50 (doors LOCK at 6:51)
Actors in green room, final notes = 6:51
Walk the deck = 6:55
House Open = 7:00
Go = 7:30

Monday performance will have food, I believe, right after school.

Patrick McCray


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