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Wednesday, February 25

Good evening. It would be great if we could get some work done tomorrow under specific circumstances.

1. I need to be able to get out of my home.

2. If there is admin approval, then I’ll announce that anyone who can get a parent to bring them to rehearsal should come if it is possible, safety. We should know by noon. I’ll announce it, here.

3. If all of that works out, I should be at Webb by 12:30. If you’re coming, be there by 1:00pm.

4. I’ll work Caine in my room or the lobby, focusing on table work (getting under the hood of the scenes where I can, clarifying and fine-tuning) until about 3:00pm or so. In that span, TOYL has the stage to work blocking, timing, business, etc.

5. The Caine crew can then either go home or continue to work as I shift my focus to TOYL.

6. Dismiss at 5:30. If a parent wishes to pick you up earlier, that’s fine. I would just like them to come in and say hello as they pick you up.

7. If it’s clear that the weather is getting insane, early, we’ll dismiss earlier.

AGAIN, this is only if we get an administrator’s approval and if you can make it in, safely. That is a family-by-family decision.




Contacting me


If you have a question or comment after reading a blog entry, the fastest way to reach me is either by email or by the phone number that I list. In this case, the email is Charltonx@me.com and the voice/text number is 865-310-8668.

As far as tomorrow’s rehearsal goes, I’m simply going to have to get a sense of the weather and overall road conditions. If school is called off, that is. I’ve heard all sorts of conflicting weather reports.

If we do have a snow day, feel free to contact me and let me know what the road conditions are like in your area. We have a far-flung pair of casts. Thank you!

One report states that we have more snow headed towards us in a day or so. I’m not really sure what “Plan B” is. (Regarding the show.) But I’m pondering one.

Patrick McCray


From calling around, it sounds like enough people are snowed in that holding a rehearsal would be almost pointless. Although things are looking pretty good on the streets now, the temperatures will drop, and all of this will freeze. So even if it looked good if we went in now, I’m not sure what it would be like when rehearsal would be over. I’m monitoring the situation pretty closely. If you have any questions, please call me. 865-310-8668

Patrick McCray