Daily Archives: February 22, 2015

Caine Attendance

For the next two weeks, if you all could check in with me, Graham, every morning in person or via text so that we know who all is at school that day and therefore have an accurate representation of who will be at rehearsal.

My number is (865)898-2872

Thank you,


Cast Bio!

Hello! The program is coming together this week, so now is the time to submit a short cast bio.
Here’s what I need each cast member to email to me:
Your NAME, as you want it to appear in the program.
Your CHARACTER’s name (in parenthesis).
A short, informative passage that features your year at Webb, your interests, any other productions you’ve been in (if you wish to include that), and any thank yous. Nothing long–there are about 35 total between the two productions, which is a lot to fit into one program. Most of you have done this before. Nothing to stress over; the most important thing is to get it done.

Send your bio by Tuesday evening (2/24) to amybroady@me.com .
The SUBJECT line should feature
“TOYL Cast Bio: Your Name”
“Caine Cast Bio: Your Name”
NOTE: by “Your Name” I mean YOUR first and last name (both please!), not the words “Your Name.”
For Spamalot, some people didn’t seem to get that. 😉

If you do not get your cast bio to me, you run the risk of not being in the program…or having someone else make up a fictional biography FOR you according to our layout needs. It would either be very boring, or highly entertaining, but not in a flattering way.

Thank you,
Amy Broady