Daily Archives: February 19, 2015


Clearly, there have been changes due to the weather. Now’s the time to think 4th dimensionally. I’m having to activate emergency breakers.

1. Most importantly, I expect everyone to be completely off-book. That’s the one thing in your individual power, so please make the most of it.

2. Many of us have taken advantage of an attendance policy that has been more flexible than candle smoke. That has to stop on Sunday. Unless you have a college or health-related event that could seriously impact your future, I need you at rehearsal. We’ve lost too much time to ‘fly casual.’

FRIDAY (tomorrow): I’d like ONLY the people whose parents can bring them to come to Webb to come by on the following schedule… 12-3 TIME / 3-6 CAINE. There is a chance that the weather may get dicey in the mid-to-late afternoon. IF that happens and a parent wants to pick you up early, that’s fine. Just have them come and say hello when you check out. The parental piloting is per school policy. You won’t be in trouble if you can’t make it. If you can make it, text me and identify yourself. (865-310-8668)

SATURDAY: Table work for CAINE for those who can attend at Stir Fry Cafe from 2-4pm. If you can make it, text me and identify yourself. (865-310-8668)

SUNDAY: Call is at 1:00 for both casts. The Caine cast will go to the alumni room to do a speed through, while TOYL is doing a full run, as long as that takes. Then, Caine will do a full run through with me on the set.

MONDAY/WEDNESDAY/FRIDAY: 4-until finish. Caine will be doing full runs with me on stage. TOYL will be doing a line-through in another room (TBA).

TUESDAY/THURSDAY: 4-till finish. Caine will do a speed read through in another room. TOYL will be doing a full rehearsal in the Bishop Center.

TECH SATURDAY: CAINE will tech from 11-4. TIME will do a run at 5:00pm

TECH SUNDAY: Tech TIME OF YOUR LIFE all day. 12 noon-finish.

Dress rehearsals run as scheduled.




Well, it’s been quite the break, and I have no idea when it’s going to end. I can do about 75% of my job as a director at this stage of production via Skype, listening, working scenes, and giving notes. At least I think I can. But unless people start reaching out to me, I’m doing 0%. If you are really, really confident, then I look forward to a very productive couple of weeks. If you have any doubts, then bring me in on the conversation and let me help you do your absolute best. I can’t imagine that we haven’t had more than enough time to catch up. Let’s make the most of the time we have.

Patrick McCray