This week

Thanks for being so patient!

Here is the TIME cast list. If I omitted anyone, please let me know.

Joe JB Tom Graham
Nick Rick
Kitty Lauren
Arab Braxton
Kit Mr. Gilbert
McCarthy Nathan
Krupp Chase
Harry JR
Dudley Hayden
Wesley well, maybe in another twenty years
Elsie LG
Lorene Catherine Emmanuel
Mary LB
Willie Jake
Blick Corey
The Sailor Mr. Austin
Ma Caroline Broady
Society Gent Devyn
Society Lady Olivia DuPonte
Killer Emily Brenner
Killer’s Sidekick Emily Biggs
A Drunk Chase
A Newsboy Elizabeth
A Cop Mr. Austin
A Cop 2 Nathan

Today, we block unit 1.1. That’s right up until Harry and Dudley enter.


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