Welcome back!

For this week, we’ll be doing read throughs and table work for both shows. Time is really of the essence, so we need to start promptly at our beginning times.

Overall, the schedule should run like this:

M, W, F @ 4-6. T and TH @ 6:15-8:15, and SU @ 1-3

M, W, F @ 6:15-8:15. T and TH @ 4-6, and SU @ 3:15-5:15

The Kindle is your best place to get a script. You may want to take screenshots of the pages and then make a notebook out of them with spaces to write notes and blocking. Please have a script by tomorrow. If this presents any kind of challenge, please contact me personally.

We’re going to aim to be off book with both shows by the beginning of February or before. Time of Your Life may get a little extra time.

If your show is rehearsing in the second slot on any given day, please use your earlier time wisely. Thank you!

As the week goes on, I’ll get a sense of what we need and will be able to create a rehearsal calendar that should run through to closing night and strike.

Patrick McCray


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