Daily Archives: December 19, 2014

Time flew by!

Thanks to everyone who tried out! Great work from everyone! If your name isn’t on this list, you’re in the other show, so come to the first TIME OF YOUR LIFE read-through. Both are on the first day of school when we return. TIME OF YOUR LIFE is from 4-6, CAINE is from 6-8. They will alternate early/later time slots each day.


Maryk Wolfenbarger, M.
Greenwald McGarr, M.
Chalee Schumaker, K
Blakely Valliant, C
Queeg Musico, M
Southard Whinery, E
Keffer Horton, A
Keith Malik, L
Bird Wallace, E
Lundeen Kennedy, C
Urban Doppelt, G

Officers of the Court Reeves, L
Fuqua, J

Thank you, and I’ll see you soon!