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Time flew by!

Thanks to everyone who tried out! Great work from everyone! If your name isn’t on this list, you’re in the other show, so come to the first TIME OF YOUR LIFE read-through. Both are on the first day of school when we return. TIME OF YOUR LIFE is from 4-6, CAINE is from 6-8. They will alternate early/later time slots each day.


Maryk Wolfenbarger, M.
Greenwald McGarr, M.
Chalee Schumaker, K
Blakely Valliant, C
Queeg Musico, M
Southard Whinery, E
Keffer Horton, A
Keith Malik, L
Bird Wallace, E
Lundeen Kennedy, C
Urban Doppelt, G

Officers of the Court Reeves, L
Fuqua, J

Thank you, and I’ll see you soon!


Side 5 Challee Maryk

Patrick McCray

Side 4 Queeg

Patrick McCray

Side 3 Blakely Urban Challee Greenwald

Patrick McCray

Side 2 Blakely Greenwald

Patrick McCray

Side 1 Challee Southard

Patrick McCray


To ensure that the chamber singers can get lunch and travel safely, callbacks will start at 1 PM today. Thanks!

Patrick McCray


On Friday, I had mentioned that the callbacks would be on Wednesday. If you weren’t at the auditions, the last message was probably unclear. I hope this helps.

If you’re a guy, you are in time of your life. Just come by the first day of school and we start our read-throughs the way I described at auditions.

If you’re a woman, you will know whether or not you are in time of your life or Caine mutiny by the end of the week.

Sincerely,Patrick McCray


Unless it poses a hardship or creates a problem with exams, I would very much like to see the women who auditioned back for callbacks. If, for some reason, you cannot make it, please contact me as soon as you can. Thank you!

They will be in the chorus room starting at 12:15. They should not run past about 315 at the very, very longest. Probably shorter than that. I may even be able to excuse people as we go along. If that happens, it’s not a bad thing. It just means that I’ve seen what I needed to see. Thank you!

Patrick McCray

Great job!

Great work yesterday!

This audition process is a little unorthodox, and I appreciate your willingness to experiment.

Even in the scheme of multiple read throughs with multiple casts, no one person will get to read for all of the parts.

Know this:

You can always ask me any question or have any conversation you like, at any point. We’re collaborators.

If you want to make certain that you read for a specific part, contact me and arrange a time that works for you this week. I’ll provide sides for that character for you. I am free c and x periods, and will be in my room during those exam times. Also, I’ll be there (or back in a few minutes) between any exams and for at least an hour after the last exam is over, each day.

Come visit any time you like! Bring friends you’d like to read with if you want. The more, the merrier!

Patrick McCray