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This week’s schedule

Please attempt to be at each and every rehearsal. Showtime is less than two weeks away!

Monday – 4:00-6:30 – Acting with Mr. McCray – All Called
Tuesday – Fall Concert – No theatre
Wednesday – 4:00-finished – Act II
Thursday – 4:00 until finished – Act I – Band kids leave at 5:45, Catholic game is at 7:00. We will try to push through in time.
Friday – 4:00 – if needed – Sundown in Sparta
Saturday – Tech – 10:30 crew, 11:00 costumes, go as soon as all tech is set up and ready to go. Bring homework.
Sunday – Call for All 12:00 noon

Monday, October 27 – 1:00 – Call for ALL (Inservice Day for teachers)
Tuesday, October 28 – Dress Rehearsal – stay after school – 6:00 – Ready to go
Wednesday, October 29 – Dress Rehearsal – stay after school – 6:00 – Ready to go
Thursday, October 30 – Dress Rehearsal – stay after school – 6:00 – Ready to go
Friday, October 31 – Dark
Saturday, November 1 – SHOWTIME – 7:30
Sunday, November 2 – SHOWTIME – 2:00 and 7:30
Monday, November 3 – SHOWTIME – 7:30

Ms. Johnson



Great work today!

Monday (tomorrow) is dedicated to polishing the acting portions of the show, as well as cementing scene changes. We’re also trying to nail down any bits that we’ve tweaked (with casting or in any other way) over the past few weeks.

If I call everyone, there will be some people who get a lot of homework done. The advantage is that if we have any question about who-does-what (or who-is-in-what), it’s an easy fix. The same is true if we need to adjust anything. Solving those things now will take far less time away from us and the show than if we try during tech or a run.

Given that, come to rehearsal tomorrow and reap the rewards when it helps everyone down the line.



We should be done then, if anyone is providing one of these fine performers with a ride. Thank you!

Patrick McCray