This weekend: Getting ready for tech

For those of us in town for fall break, we will be taking advantage of uninterrupted days on stage to handle technical aspects of SPAMALOT.

This Friday, we will be working on the projections and clean up of the booth and costume room from 1-4 PM.

Saturday, I will be working on painting and clean up of the shop from 1-4 PM.

Sunday, I will be working on organizing props, setting fog machines and finishing clean up from 1-4 PM.

By doing so, we can most definitely ease the pressure of technical rehearsal at the end of the month. This is by no means a requirement! Some of you expressed that you will be in town over fall break and would like to help. If you have time on your hands and would like to stop by Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday, there is plenty to do, and you will help your fellow actors transition to the most time intensive part of the show. Everyone has been working so hard and it shows! Keep up the good work!!

Thank you!

Ms Stowers


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