Blocking Schedule

Important…. bring a pencil. We’ll be working from the page numbers found in the paper script.

I need you to write everything down. We don’t have time to go over things again.

Most people will have been memorizing lines for some time. After the 9th, you’re expected to be off-book. If you need line help between now and then, come see me. You may keep your script for the next few days after that for blocking reference.

On the last day, when we’re finished, bring up any blocking inside of songs that may have fallen through the cracks.

ON A GIVEN DAY, COME IF YOU ARE IN THE PAGES LISTED FOR THAT DAY. It wouldn’t hurt to be there if you’re on the page before or after, just in case.

OCTOBER (all 4-6, as listed)
5 pp 1, 5-13, 18-20
6 pp 21-24, 29-33, 38-40, 45
7 pp 46-50, 53-56, 59, 60, 62, 63
8 pp 64, 66-69, 90-97
9 pp 98-107




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