Daily Archives: September 21, 2014


Hey guys,

As it looks right now, there will not be rehearsal in the bishop center this Monday or Tuesday because of strings. I do not know at this moment what Mr. Ewing has planned otherwise, so I will just put down his original schedule (including Monday and Tuesday)

Sept 22-25
Monday: Swamp/Laker girls, Always Look, Tappers. 4-5:30
Tuesday: Fisch Schlap, Not Yet Dead, Brave Sir Robin. 4-5:30 Wednesday: Jew Song, Knights of the Round Table, Can-Can. 4-6 Thursday: review 4-6
Nothing Friday-Sunday

Sept 29-Oct 2
Monday: Principles to Bishop Center. Girls to chorus room 4-5:30 Tuesday: principles to Bishop Center. Boys to chorus room 4-5:30 Wednesday: Review 4-6
Thursday: Review 4-6
Nothing Friday-Sunday

This is subject to change (especially this Monday and Tuesday) and I’ll get back to you as soon as those changes are made.

Have a good Sunday!