Coming up… in almost two months….

  • Hello!
  • Small snafu on the last schedule update. Just had us off by a day. It’s been updated.
  • While tech is still far away, I thought I’d share the general shape of it…
  • On the Saturday before we open, we typically insert all of the lighting cues, sound cues, and polish the scene changes. It is a long day, but a productive one. We’ll have firmer times when we near the days and know what we’re dealing with, but these are general guidelines:
  • The crew comes in around ten or eleven. The cast comes in around noon. We work until around eight or nine with a meal break. It takes a surprising amount of time because of the number of “moving pieces” that finally come together. No one student is working for the entire time, but they may be needed at a second’s notice. In the downtime, they are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to bring headphones, find a corner, and stay on task with homework. It can be a very productive time if approached with focus, and I’m happy to help in any way I can.
  • Sunday is typically another tech, but shorter. Usually around 1-6. (Shorter, I hope!!)
  • Monday-Thursday are dress rehearsals. We tend to have “go” around 6:00 or 6:30 because of when the orchestra can arrive. There will be meals and a bit of down time for prep that can be good for homework if the actor can carve out the quiet space.
  • Friday before opening is typically a resting day before the big push.
  • Two things to note….
  • Friends and family members are invited to watch ANY rehearsal. The actors love having any kind of audience, and if you’ve arrived early, it can help pass some time.
  • During runs (just prior to tech weekend), tech weekend, and dress rehearsals, end times can be a bit unpredictable. Please know that we keep an eye on cast wellbeing at all times and sometimes unpredictable X factors can make things run longer (or even shorter) than expected.
  • If I can be of any help, please let me know! Email me directly at charltonx or call me at 865 310 8668.
  • Best,
  • Patrick McCray

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