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30 September, 2014 12:00


Musical Schedule

Musical Schedule

Everyone is expected to be at rehearsal – either music, dance, or blocking beginning Spetember 29

September 22 – Cancelled
September 23 – Read through/sing through – 4:00-6:00
September 24 – Jew Song, Knights of the Round T, and Can can – 4:00-6:00
September 25 – Choreography Review – 4:00-6:00

September 27 – Saturday – OFF
September 28 – Sunday – Potential Choreography
September 29 – Main characters – Choreography / All other Women – Music – 4-6:00
September 30 – Main characters – Choreography / All other Men – Music – 4-6:00
October 1 – Choreography Review – 4-6:00
October 2 – Choreography Review – 4-6:00
October 3 – Friday – OFF

Anyone not called for a blocking rehearsals report to the choir room for music (except Sunday).

October 4 – Saturday – OFF
October 5 (Sunday) – Blocking – TBA – 4-6:00
October 6 – Blocking – TBA – 4-6:00
October 7 – Blocking – TBA – 4-6:00
October 8 – Blocking – TBA – 4-6:00
October 9 – Blocking – TBA – 4-6:00

October 10-13 – Fall Break – OFF

October 14 – ALL – 4:00-6:00
October 15 – ALL – 4:00-6:00
October 16 – ALL – 4:00-6:00
October 17 (Friday) – ALL 4:00-6:00

October 18 – Saturday – OFF
October 19 (Sunday) – 1:30 – Run through – ALL
October 20 – Act I – 4:00-finish – ALL – NO BISHOP CENTER after 6:30
October 21 – Choral Concert – no rehearsal
October 22 – Act II – 4:00-finish – ALL
October 23 – Act I and II – 4:00-6:00 – ALL (Catholic Game is at 7:00)
October 24 (Friday) – Act I and II – 4:00-finish – ALL

October 25 (Saturday) – Tech Day – 10:30am crew / 12:30pm actors – until finished
October 26 (Sunday) – Call for ALL 12:00 noon

October 27 – 1:00 – Call for ALL (Inservice Day for teachers)
October 28 – Dress Rehearsal – stay after school – 6:00 – Ready to go
October 29 – Dress Rehearsal – stay after school – 6:00 – Ready to go
October 30 – Dress Rehearsal – stay after school – 6:00 – Ready to go

October 31 – Dark

November 1 – SHOWTIME – 7:30
November 2 – SHOWTIME – 2:00 and 7:30
November 3 – SHOWTIME – 7:30


September 22 and 23 rehearsals.

Rehearsal is canceled for today, September 22. Tomorrow, in the chorus room, we will have the sing through/read through. It also looks as though this coming Friday’s rehearsal will be canceled, and one will be added to Sunday next. Thank you for everything you’re doing!

Patrick McCray


Hey guys,

As it looks right now, there will not be rehearsal in the bishop center this Monday or Tuesday because of strings. I do not know at this moment what Mr. Ewing has planned otherwise, so I will just put down his original schedule (including Monday and Tuesday)

Sept 22-25
Monday: Swamp/Laker girls, Always Look, Tappers. 4-5:30
Tuesday: Fisch Schlap, Not Yet Dead, Brave Sir Robin. 4-5:30 Wednesday: Jew Song, Knights of the Round Table, Can-Can. 4-6 Thursday: review 4-6
Nothing Friday-Sunday

Sept 29-Oct 2
Monday: Principles to Bishop Center. Girls to chorus room 4-5:30 Tuesday: principles to Bishop Center. Boys to chorus room 4-5:30 Wednesday: Review 4-6
Thursday: Review 4-6
Nothing Friday-Sunday

This is subject to change (especially this Monday and Tuesday) and I’ll get back to you as soon as those changes are made.

Have a good Sunday!


Painting Day!

I have been told that it’s painting day on Friday, September 19, 10-11:30am and from 12:30-5pm! Feel free to help!

Rehearsal today

Hey guys,

Meant to send this yesterday. Rehearsal will only run until 5:30 today.


New schedule

September 15-18 Musical Rehearsals:

Monday – Tappers – Always Look On the Bright Side
Tuesday – You Won’t Succeed on Broadway – Everyone
Wednesday – Girls – Laker Girls – Dance – Bishop Center / All Men – Singing rehearsal in choir room
Thursday – Review everyone – Bishop Center with piano


Dance Schedule
M 4.0-5.30 Tappers (Bright Side of Life)
T 4.0-6.0 All girls (Swamp and Laker Girls)
W 4.0-5.30 Minstrels (Hanna, Hayden, Christoph) Rick
R 4.0-6.0 All (review)
Sn 2.0-5.0 All (You Won’t Succeed on B’Way)

Music Rehearsals this week:
Tuesday – Men
Wednesday – Women (except Minstrels)
Thursday – Rick, Nathan, Chase, Genevieve and Sara Sims

For select dancers…

This part of the email is for Lauren, Hayden, Graham, and Hanna

Here is the Samba with the “natural roll” that I was trying to find in rehearsal. It is done several ways in the first two minutes of this dance. This will help give you a clearer idea of how to execute the step.

Coming up… in almost two months….

  • Hello!
  • Small snafu on the last schedule update. Just had us off by a day. It’s been updated.
  • While tech is still far away, I thought I’d share the general shape of it…
  • On the Saturday before we open, we typically insert all of the lighting cues, sound cues, and polish the scene changes. It is a long day, but a productive one. We’ll have firmer times when we near the days and know what we’re dealing with, but these are general guidelines:
  • The crew comes in around ten or eleven. The cast comes in around noon. We work until around eight or nine with a meal break. It takes a surprising amount of time because of the number of “moving pieces” that finally come together. No one student is working for the entire time, but they may be needed at a second’s notice. In the downtime, they are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to bring headphones, find a corner, and stay on task with homework. It can be a very productive time if approached with focus, and I’m happy to help in any way I can.
  • Sunday is typically another tech, but shorter. Usually around 1-6. (Shorter, I hope!!)
  • Monday-Thursday are dress rehearsals. We tend to have “go” around 6:00 or 6:30 because of when the orchestra can arrive. There will be meals and a bit of down time for prep that can be good for homework if the actor can carve out the quiet space.
  • Friday before opening is typically a resting day before the big push.
  • Two things to note….
  • Friends and family members are invited to watch ANY rehearsal. The actors love having any kind of audience, and if you’ve arrived early, it can help pass some time.
  • During runs (just prior to tech weekend), tech weekend, and dress rehearsals, end times can be a bit unpredictable. Please know that we keep an eye on cast wellbeing at all times and sometimes unpredictable X factors can make things run longer (or even shorter) than expected.
  • If I can be of any help, please let me know! Email me directly at charltonx or call me at 865 310 8668.
  • Best,
  • Patrick McCray