Apologies for the lateness!

M8/18 4.0-5.3: Fisch Schlapping Song
            (6 boys)-Devyn, JR, Braxton, Hayden, Christoph, Jake

                           (US- Jackson)
            (6 girls)-Claire, Alinda, Caroline, Annie, Mary, Hannah (US- Erin)
            Mayor-Graham (There is not much for you to do in this rehearsal… so if you can’t be here, it will be okay)

T8/19 4.0-6.0: Tappers- KotRT Tap Break (NO Chase, Nathan)
            (5 boys)-Jackson, Graham, Hayden, Jake, Braxton
            (8 girls)-Lauren, Katherine, Madeleine, Maddy, Lydia, Ellis,
                           McKinna, Hannah
            Anyone elsewho wants to learn

W8/20 4.0-6.0: Corey, Katherine

R8/21 4.0-6.0: Review (ALL)
M8/25 4.0-5.3: Tappers (as above)

T8/26 4.0-6.0: I am Not Dead Yet
            Not DeadFred- Cameron
            Robin- Rick
            Carters- Graham,Jackson
            Bodies- JR,Devyn, Christoph, Kate, Emelie, Erin

            (US-Jake, Claire)

W8/27 4.0-6.0: TBD (to be determined)


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