Daily Archives: August 8, 2014

Full Script v.1

Hey guys,

Attached is the link to the full script. I have made little edits to what my version of the master copy says, so known cuts (such as scene 6 and 8 in act 2) are still included. For this reason, this version will undoubtedly be edited to accommodate cuts, but go ahead and keep the full version for souvenir’s sake and to start looking at your lines.

Every time cuts are made I will release a new version. You do not need to get each one if you just feel like cutting the parts yourself. Do what you wanna do. There is extra space in the right margin for notes and such.

Finally, if there are any noticeable typos, email me (sheg) and I’ll get them revised with the next version.




Rehearsal Today

Hey guys,

Just got word that rehearsal will run only till 5 today. You’ll probably hear this from me anyways when y’all get here.