We need you! (If you want to….)

A total aside, and pardon my use of the blog for this.  But it’s important… kinda.  Especially since we’ve become masters of “Dark Shadows Blocking.”

As many of you know, I’ve done a lot of work on the history and analysis of DARK SHADOWS.  The site for whom I write — http://collinsporthistoricalsociety.com — has been nominated for a major award, THE RONDO.  Just as in theatre, we do what we do out of love, so recognition like this is a big deal.

This was an explosive year for the site… a Jonathan Frid memorial documentary, countless articles, art, numerous podcasts covering every corner of DS’ past and future, and a whole book!  

Now, I can’t tell you for whom you should vote.  But I will say that webmaster Wallace McBride put in an astounding amount of work, bringing DARK SHADOWS fans hundreds of dollars worth of show history and entertainment for free.  And I mean, hundreds of dollars per fan, were it to have been sold as a package.  It is a place of endless imagination and passion and detailed, precise excellence.  If you appreciate the imagination, then don’t let me stop you… vote!

And tell your friends!


Thank you so much for reading this on a well-earned spring break!


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