Daily Archives: March 3, 2014

Go on Friday…

…is at 7:30pm.

Patrick McCray


Please send them to djkfreeman@hotmail.com.

Plan B

Okay, the call came in from Mr. Hutchinson with GREAT regrets. He’s aware of the difficulty it poses, but student safety takes priority. Campus is to be cleared by 5:15. That means we’re re-set for chapel by 5:14.

This is what will happen…

I’m not sure what the scene-changing timeline is, so we will do fight call. If you have a fight, please be here for that.

I will sacrifice a lot, but not safety (within the time allotted).

The theater seats (roughly) 500. We’ve rarely had more than 1000 (total) for a non-musical show. I think we will be okay if we open on Saturday, and play that night and Monday. Sunday crowds are notoriously unenthusiastic, and limiting the play to two nights ensures saturated and enthusiastic crowds.


ALL rehearsals are open to ANYONE. That means that the Friday final dress, which is traditionally preview, is open to ANYONE. So, the more of an audience we have for that final dress rehearsal, the better the show will eventually be. I won’t call final dress a performance, but it is a fully-tech-equipped and polished enactment that anyone is invited to come see.

This isn’t in cement yet, but it’s in very firm sand… close to cement.



From Ms. Kapa….

I have 7 bios. for the playbill. Please send them in the body of your emails or as a MS Word doc. I cannot open Pages files. Miss Wilbanks and Mr. Mullins will have to send me their bios again in a different format.

Thank you very much!

Donna Kapa