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Finalizing Schedule Voting

Tomorrow we need to gather at 4:00pm in the BC to settle on how to handle the missing days and ensure that all are on the same page.

When a vote is taken, it may not be unanimous. Once the majority has made their feelings clear, it is crucially important that you be able to set aside prior sentiments and then make alternate arrangements to address any resulting schedule conflicts.

One person asked me which Sunday would be used in case we added our missed rehearsals to those. The best is Feb 9. Earlier than that is too short notice. Later than that is during the NYC trip or just too late.

I appreciate your “all for one and one for all” on this!


Measurements Address

Please send the measurements to merj1@webbstudent.org and NOT to charltonx@me.com. Thanks!


If you haven’t sent me your measurements yet, I’m going to need to get them as soon as possible in rehearsal tomorrow.


If no poll is showing up…

Just come to rehearsal Friday, anyway. Even if there is a poll showing up, come to rehearsal. There seem to be a lot of technical difficulties.

Patrick McCray

Apologies for this mess. It has to do with too many settings.

I couldn’t see the revised poll, so I’m doing it again.  I think it has to do with security settings.  Apologies for the deluge of democracy.

Forget the prior answers.  Enough people have asked about Sunday, that I’m adding an extended Sunday option.  We’d need everyone to be able to go along with this this.  We’d take a meal break, although it would be great if people packed a lunch.  It would probably mean missing both religious services that day, which is why I didn’t include it.  But there’s been enough inquiry, that I’ll add the option.  It’s the one I would prefer, but don’t let that sway you at all.  I mention it only for transparency.

So, what we were doing Tuesday is going Friday, plus…

One day behind was a pain.  Two days?  Very difficult.  So, we have to make some tough choices.  Although the poll will be rolling, and you should e-mail me at charltonx@me.com if you have ideas/insights, I will close it before Friday’s rehearsal and let you know what we’re going with, there.

There may be a billion solutions, but we really need to settle on a few, and these make a modicum of sense.

I appreciate your flexibility!


I gotta put on my Uncle Mr. McCray hat.  If she doesn’t have all of the measurements she needs (consult the chart a few posts below) by the END OF TODAY (January 30), we will be in BIG trouble.

If you do not have a tape measure, use a string, use it instead, and then lay it flat against a ruler or yardstick to improvise one.  The important thing is to get it done.

Her e-mail is merj1@webbstudent.org

If you have any concerns about this, email me at charltonx@me.com