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Avengers Assemble!

Great job, everyone!  I could have cast this a dozen different ways, and it still would have been a great cast.  No matter the part, each one will have a fantastic performer in it.


This is in no real order.  Apologies for any misspellings!  If you have any questions, please contact me at charltonx@me.com


Emily Biggs — D’Artagnon’s Mother, Elise

Mary McGarr — Mother Superior

Genevieve Hendrix — Milady

Hayden Kesterson — Buckingham, Ravanche

Sara Sims Wilbanks — Sabine

Katherine Valliant — Adele, Sister at School

Lucy Keh — Abess

Katie Samples — Queen Anne

Maddie Freeman — Constance

Rick Cark — Richelieu

Terrance McBride — King Louis XIII

JB Crawford — Aramis

Chase Clayton — Porthos

Nathan Wolfenbarger — Athos

Chase Brown — D’Artagnon

Graham Rogers — Rochefort

Jackson Mullins — Basille, Fache

Will Lauver — Treville, Ruffian

Corey Spurling — D’Artagnon’s Father, DeBris

Jackson Mullins — Basille, Fache

Braxton McDonald — Stanley, Innkeeper

As for now, have a great holiday.  Rest.  Be safe.  If you want to watch a Musketeers film to get a feel for it all, the best is the Richard Lester THREE MUSKETEERS and FOUR MUSKETEERS, both of which make one, big movie.



Due to an incredibly unforeseen circumstances, I may have to delay the posting of the cast list until tomorrow. Apologies.

Patrick McCray

Cast list to be posted later

Check back here. I have to go through conflicts one last time. Thank you for your patience!

Patrick McCray