Tech Saturday = Today

More for parents than anyone….

Today is probably the most challenging we have. The quick details.

1. As the kids have probably told you, the call is at noon. At that point, they really need to stay here unless there is an emergency. 2. Food service is at 5:00pm.
3. Dismissal is — and I know this is a wildly unsatisfying answer — when we’re done. So far, we’ve never gone near past nine, time wise. We need to take extra care of the green room we’re in, and we cannot dismiss until it is spotless. (The room is on temporary loan to the lower school.)
4. I will try to post time updates as we go. They’ll go to this blog, so if you’ve subscribed and those notices go to email… and the email goes to your phone… etc, etc. 5. You’re ALWAYS welcomed to sit in on ANY part of what we do today or ANY day.

THANK YOU! Contact me at with any questions.


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