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Tomorrow (Thursday the 26th)

For those of you confused by the schedule for tomorrow: From 4:00 to 5:00 Mr. McCray wants to spend ten minutes each with Puffer, Rosa, Helena, Neville, Crisparkle, and Jasper. Order does not matter, it’s whatever suits the six of you the best. From 5:00 to 6:00 he wants to work with Durdles and Sapsea/ the Chairman and the stuff involving the deputies bungling the beginning of the chase.




We are no longer doing an RFF in rehearsal today! We’re choreographing “Never the Luck” instead, so only show up if you’re in that number.


Test Images

Rehearsal today

As I’m sure you know, it’s a McCray day. If you have dialogue or are referred to you need to show up if you can.


For the upcoming Sunday and Wednesday

This Sunday (the 22nd), we’re choreographing “Both Sides of the Coin” instead of “Moonfall.” Rehearsal will be at 1:30.

Wednesday (the 25th) is now “Never the Luck” dancers ONLY instead of full cast.


Just a reminder

Please get whatever measurements you may owe me by tomorrow, we’re trying to get the order forms out by this weekend. There will be cupcakes once everyone gets them to me. (So also email me if you have allergies.)

And fantastic job on everyone bringing character shoes!

Two announcements, please read all the way through.

Firstly, please check your inboxes. If I’m missing a measurement from you, you should have an email telling you what I need. Please get those in by Friday at the absolute latest.

Secondly, Mr. Ewing would like dancers to please wear their character shoes during his rehearsal so everyone can go ahead and get used to them.

Thank you!


Suit/dress sizes and inseam

Hey, guys! We really, really need to finish the costume sheets. That means you guys need to get me your inseams and/or suit or dress sizes. If you think you might have forgotten to turn one or both of those into me, please email me ( to check. If I don’t get them by the end of rehearsal tomorrow, I’m going to have to start tracking you down individually to nag you. There’s a model in the blog if you don’t know how to measure your inseam, or ask me. Please get them in


Rehearsal Time

(Sorry this is so late, my phone had been off.)

According to what I’ve heard from Mr. Ewing, rehearsal today is 1-4:30. We will try to post times for rehearsals that aren’t written on the schedule a few days ahead of time in the future. Sorry about the confusion!


Inseams and suit/dress sizes

If you haven’t already, please get them to me. We can’t order costumes until we have them.