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Great work!


Another construction call

Hello again! There is yet another (voluntary) construction call in the bishop center from 2 to 4 tomorrow. Try to make it if you can! Thanks to everyone who has been coming! We’ve accomplished a lot.

Construction Call!

Hello everyone! There is another (voluntary) construction call tomorrow at the same time, 2-5 in the Bishop Center. Please wear work clothes and closed-toe shoes! Thanks!

This week’s schedule.

Monday – 1-4:30 Read-through.
Tuesday through Friday – 10am-6pm for choreography. Bring a lunch!

Always bring a pencil, your iPad, and a stylus (if you need one). These will be in the mirror room or chorus room. Thanks!

Just testing.

Hello, we’re testing a post-by-email system. Sorry for clogging’ the inbox. Thanks!

Patrick McCray


Just got news that there is a totally voluntary construction call (complete with service hours) from 2-5 today at the Bishop Center if you can make it.  FYI. If you go, wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty.  Thanks!!

August 5!

Okay, we have a few more days off because summer is wonderful and we have a few people still out and about.

So far, the schedule is 1-4:30 in the music room.  We’ll have more details as things firm up.  It will be a read-through UNLESS one small factor makes it something else.

I look forward to seeing you!