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If I were trying out…

…I’d be goin’ nuts about now.  There are a lot of reasons this is taking a bit longer.  90% of it has to do with scheduling difficulties.

The other 10% is that several parts in the show demand to be very considerately cast, or everyone will find themselves in a show that is only 30% of what we can really do.  (That’s not a place I’d like to be front-and-center.)  So, while the waiting is a pain, there is a larger purpose.

Just know that, if you have anxiety, I understand why.  I’d have it too.  But we are in your corner!

As soon as we know things, we’ll let you know. 



Callbacks, etc.

I’ve seen a lot of great stuff over the past few days, and that much talent puts me in a challenging place.  I know that a wait like this is tough, and reducing/eliminating that for us is extremely important, especially with exams coming up.

1.  If you have questions, please come see me as we sort out the combination.  I’ll give as much of an answer as possible.  The only reason we ever keep our cards close to the vest is to keep from disappointing people if plans-in-pencil change.

2.  I may need to see a few more people in a few more combinations.  The challenge is to do that without being disrupting your exam schedule.

3.  If you have the time, drop me a quick e-mail letting me know what — if any — time you have on Friday or even early next week to check in if needed.  Maybe read a piece or two.  No obligation on this for you.

However, and I cannot emphasize this enough, exams and preparing for them comes first.  

We may come up with a plan very quickly.

4.  Finally, think of what you would do that would be unique and fun with ANY of the parts.  Have a game plan.  The Cherry Orchard cast jotted down some notes prior to casting, and reading those helped me know the actors and make informed decisions.  Again, no obligation or expectation.  This is THE busy time of the year.  But if you want to, I’d be happy to read it.

Right now, my top job is to create the basis for a great show with outstanding — and very individual — elements.

Please feel free to drop me an e-mail, text, visit, share ideas, ask questions, etc.  Sharing ideas is the first step to building a great show, and I’d be thrilled to see you… if you have time/interest.

I really appreciate everything you do.

(And exams come first.)




I will be casting rising 9th graders and transfers from other schools, but they do not have to come here for callbacks.

Please find the callback list on my door.

IF YOU ARE IN A HURRY, come to straight to my room or the tech booth.  

OTHERWISE, please check the door to my office in the lobby. VERY CAREFULLY!

Do not check my door if people are coming in for chapel.  You will understand when you go there… 


Music Hall Reference

Resource for Helena and Neville

Peter Sellers in “The Party.”

If you get this….

If you get this and are coming to the audition, please bring your ipad.  If you don’t have one, no sweat, but we’ll save a few trees.


Please download, read completely, and e-mail back to with your name and “Drood” in the subject line BEFORE you audition.

PDF Drood musical 2014 audition form rights responsibilities

Check back here for more audition details!