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Unless the roads are wildly hazardous…

Tomorrow, the smartest thing to do is to attempt to cover (if only lightly) the material from both yesterday’s agenda and the agenda on Sunday.  If that creates some sort of difficulty, please e-mail me.  Thanks!


Over the next day, I’ll be adjusting things based on the snowpocalypose.  The weather indicates that we should probably be fine with doing what we would have done yesterday.  If you do not see this blog post updated, that means that we will have rehearsal on Sunday. I will only update this entry if we have to cancel rehearsal due to weather.


Go home by 4:00.

It applies to us, too.  Be safe!

How do you say it?



UPDATED — Schedule is vaguely in flux. See article below.

This is only tweaked by a few pages.  It does not change the off-book date.  Thanks!


March cherry orchard 

Upcoming schedule…

M-F 4:00-6:30

Monday: Read-through.

Tuesday: Backwards read.

Wednesday: Mr. Miller (4-5).  Work on motivational units of first half of show.

Thursday: Work on motivational units of second half of show.

Friday: Character work in perfect world scenarios.  Discuss the Objects.