Scheduling Craziness!

Wowza!  Boy that schedule… nutty.


Okay, I am going to keep “Skype Office Hours” from 10am-12pm and then 4pm-6pm tomorrow if anyone wants to do their interview there, swapping that out for their previously scheduled time.  Look me up at artanis9000.  Make sure we can see each other.  If mac facetime is better, that’s okay, too.  I think I can be reached at  When we talk, please have access to e-mail if possible.


I’ll e-mail you the necessary stuff and then we can talk.  If you wanna shoot me an e-mail to the above address and claim a time, go for it.  If you don’t have access to these things but still wish to speak, my phone number at home is 865 212 5577.


Also, as some of you know, I have a wedding rehearsal that’s come up (rather suddenly) for noon on Friday.  I’ll be off-campus at that time.  If you were scheduled then please let me know.  Tomorrow is an ideal time to reschedule, and if that’s not possible, I’m free other times.


About interviews in general…


They exist for three reasons:


1.  Because you’ll get to discover what is involved in auditions and, if cast, in building the ensemble.


2.  Because they guarantee you the chance to have the full attention of the director, where you can ask questions, share insights, and begin the collaboration as early as possible.  That door is always open (before, during, and long after casting), but this is a time during the bustle of the semester when we can catch our breath.  You are important to me, as are your reasons for being interested in the show.  Although I can’t always cast everyone, I value your feelings and aspirations, and I want to help you in any way that I can.


3.  Because they give you the safety of knowing what to expect/ask from me throughout the auditioning, casting, and play building process.


Please drop me a line with any questions/ideas, etc.


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