Congrats & Call Times!

Well done!  What a great start to a stellar run!  Proud of each of you!

For the next two days…

I will be at the theater by 4:00, so it will be open that early.  If you need it open earlier, just call and let me know.

Crew = 4:30pm

Cast = 5:00pm

Official Props Check for Actors = 6:00pm

Body Mic check = 6:15pm

Stage Combat Run = 6:25pm

House Open = 6:30pm  (Please factor this in to any group warm-ups, since this is, essentially, ‘go’ for a couple of people.)

Go = 7:00pm


At 4:15, I will also be holding informal gatherings in the lobby to talk about Cherry Orchard auditions.  If you have input on the timing and form of auditions, please make your voice heard!  A play can be auditioned many ways, and I want us to work as a community to find the best fit for us and this show, now.  If you have friends who are not in this show but plan on auditioning, please let them know they can attend.  If they can’t attend, I’ll be in the chorus room or Ms. Johnson’s office during 2nd AP on Tuesday and Thursday.  I’d like to get dates and the audition format down by the end of the week.  Thanks!



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