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23 October, 2012 19:55

Just finished with the run

Sarah Dodson

Act Two 

Is a go! 8:04pm.


Act 1 over at 7:45 on the dot.


Act 1 began at 6:35!

Today’s schedule

Starting at 4:00pm….

4-430 Notes while Sarah techs

430-500 Rework some basic blocking… cues can be built while this is happening.

500-515 Mcc works with sound and Sarah while cast prepares (this can be vocal warm-ups, checking props, etc)

515 Mcc checks fog machines

530 Mcc looks at new science equipment (preferably with stage crew and Neal)

545 Sound works with consultant

600 go


2nd AP

Murder, Murder rehearsal today 2nd AP- this is as mandatory as we can make it


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