Busy weekend leading into a busy week.  Great work today.  Hard work.  My thanks to all.

Looking ahead.

This Monday is our most crucial day.  We need to finish cue-to-cue and get in a run.  To do all that will require a very strict schedule, and we’re all going to need mutual support to hold to it.  It may mean that a few details get unresolved until Tuesday.  That’s okay.  The important thing is that we put in the rest of the major cues and then getting in a full performance.

The important thing about the schedule is that the start time of each event means that we are actually in place and starting that phase.  We can get a lot done, and it will require a lot of flexibility and self-discipline… and I put myself under the same standard.

This may be subject to change if design, support or tech specialists have specific needs. 

3:35-4:00 (if all goes as I think it will): food in the alumni room (thank you!)

4:05-4:15 notes in the front two rows of the Bishop Center

4:15-5:00 Crew/cast costume orientation… this includes identification, moving anything that gets put on in the middle of the show to the drama lab, figuring out what costumes are worn when.  That’s a big job.  As social as that might be, we need to be very disciplined and straightforward about it.

5:10-5:20 Body mic attachment and sound checks.

5:20-5:30 Check props.

5:30-6:00 Scene reworking.  Details TBA.  I’ll be doing this a piece at a time, through the week.  The more you prepare for the show to grow in positive directions, the more this is an opportunity.

6:00 – finish (I’m imagining no later than 7:00pm) cue-to-cue from Lucy’s bedroom to curtain call.

Then run the show!  That will probably be our latest, “non-performance” night, and it’s essential.  Parents are always welcomed as test audiences!!

Tweaking some of the scenes is necessary.  We’ve done a very good job assembling components.  Now it’s a matter of putting them together in the most interesting and satisfying way.  Your flexibility and help on this really defines a good cast from a great cast.

Last word on tech and dress…

If you’re ever at a loss about what to do during a tech, stay in the wings… perhaps near your next entrance… pay attention to what’s going on, and listen.  That makes a larger difference than you know.  Thank you!



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