Daily Archives: October 17, 2012


Just a heads-up.  On Saturday, we would like to call people at noon. At least, that’s when cast will be called. Crew will be called somewhat earlier, and the stage manager will be contacting them, individually. At noon, we will get everyone hooked up with body mics, I will run through a few last bits of tweaking with selected actors, and then we will do a run of the play. After that, will take a break. The break may actually be for a couple of hours. The reason for this, largely, is that doing it a full performance of any show is exhausting.  I know from personal experience that a little bit of downtime is essential. Anyway, after that, we will do something called a cue-to-cue.  That’s where we go through the show and adding on all of the sound and light cues, but we will jump ahead over moments where there are no significant sound or light changes that are added. That allows us to perfect our sound and light cues, and it also saves a bit of time.

To my recollection, we have never run a tech into the “double digits.”  Meaning, I cannot personally remember a tech that has run past 10. Normally, our techs are on the evenings of the Halloween dance, so we usually try and wrap them up around 8 PM.  We will try for a similar end time here, but it may go a tad later. But again, I have a good understanding of the law of diminishing returns, so I am watching the clock as closely as anyone. I will try to update the blog as things go on so that everyone has a good idea of what’s happening at the theater. You’re also free to text or call me or just come by, visit, and see how things are going. It’s going to be an exciting show!
Please contact me if you have any questions. Thank you, again!